HITACHI Stable Japanese company specializing in the production of power tools for professionals and amateur craftsmen. Hitachi began operations in 1982. The main vision of the company is to contribute to the improvement of society by developing modern, original technologies and products. This vision of the company has existed since its inception.

Hitachi has led the development of energy-efficient technologies for decades. The company focuses on the following tasks: save resources, reduce environmental impact, maximize reuse and recycling of materials.

Hitachi's range includes:

• cordless screwdrivers, rotary hammers, impact wrenches and drills;

• electric saws, milling cutters, planers, angle grinders and other tools.

All of these tools are warranted for 24 months.

Hitachi changes its name to HiKOKI. You will find more information in the product description section.

From October 01, 2018, Hitachi - KOKI Corporation changes its brand to HiKOKI. For this reason, product names will change accordingly, but the products themselves will remain unchanged. Also, the model numbers and their barcodes will not change. Due to the change of trademark during the transition period, the same products with different names may appear on the market: Hitachi and HiKOKI.

If you need a very important trademark of a product when placing an order, please contact us and clarify it.

Belt sander Hitachi SB8V2
Power: 1020 W Weight: 4,3 kg Tape length: 533 mm Tape width: 76 mm Max. tape speed: 450 m/min Type: tape
Ex Tax: 100.00€
Kit - Impact Wrench, Cordless Drill Driver, Vacuum Cleaner
14.4V Cordless Drill Driver Hitachi DS14DL2No-load speed of 1600/min3.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery52 Nm maximum torque13 mm single-sle..
Ex Tax: 350.00€
Kit - Impact Wrench, Impact Driver, Vacuum Cleaner
Hitachi WR18DL2-R4 cordless impact wrenchType - Impact WrenchModes of Operation - WrenchPower batteryCartridge G 1/2 ''Rotational ..
Ex Tax: 361.00€
Set - Cordless Drill Driver, Angle Impact Driver
14.4V Cordless Drill DriverFeatures:No-load speed of 1600/min3.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery52 Nm maximum torque13 mm single-sleeve met..
Ex Tax: 321.17€
Set - Reciprocating Saw, Impact Wrench
14.4V Cordless Impact WrenchFor 12.7mm(1/2") square bit shankTightening/loosening torque 165Nm (1,460in.-lbs)Selective mode : Powe..
Ex Tax: 341.68€
Set - Rotary Hammer, Reciprocating Saw
14.4V Cordless Rotary Hammer2-mode action: Rotation only mode, Rotation and hammering mode2-mode power: Save mode for small bit an..
Ex Tax: 261.17€
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Sale: -22%
Welding electrodes Hitachi 2,6x350 5KG
Welding electrodes Hitachi 2,6x350 5KG
Weldable materialSteelWeight, kg5Electrode diameter, mm2.6Low hydrogen electrodes for 490MPa elastic high-strength steelIt is used..
9.92€ 7.70€
Ex Tax: 6.36€
Welding electrodes Hitachi 3,2x400 5KG
Ex Tax: 8.00€
Welding electrodes Hitachi 4x450 5KG
Type: low hydrogenSpecificationsDiameter: 4mmLength: 450mmAdditionally: recommended current indicators of current: F 150-190 A; V,..
Ex Tax: 9.88€
10.8V Cordless Mini Saw
Features Accepts HiKOKI jig saw blades (Usable blade thickness: 0.8mm to 1.5mm) Speed variable by trigger to adjust cutt..
Ex Tax: 144.17€
10mm (3/8") Drill
Features Power input 710W Max torque 35Nm(313in.-lbs.) (Subject to change by area) Side handle Variable speed by tri..
Ex Tax: 95.00€
13mm (3/8") Drill
Features Power input 710W Max torque 47Nm(417in-lbs.) (Subject to change by area) Variable speed by trigger Aluminum gear c..
Ex Tax: 98.00€
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