Hitachi - Your best choice!

Hitachi power tools in the modern world are widely known and enjoy great success in various fields of human activity. Now the company has hundreds of official representations around the world!

BETTERWORK.LV offers a huge selection of equipment:

landscape gardening equipment (chainsaws, chainsaws, lawn mowers, brush cutters);

drilling and drilling equipment (drills, screwdrivers, perforators);

carpentry equipment (jigsaws, grinders, milling machines).

Our store will help you choose the tool for both domestic use and industrial construction work. Hitachi tools cover a large part of the household and construction sectors of human activity: industry, transportation, construction, the domestic field. A separate place was taken by a power tool, which is made with impeccable accuracy and quality of all parts.

But the path to excellence for this Japanese manufacturer was not easy. The company was founded in 1910, starting its ascent with a small workshop for the manufacture of engines. For several decades, Hitachi equipment was represented by the development of engines, refrigeration equipment, and also gained momentum in the field of traction equipment - the first alternating current electric locomotive was created.

The company was able to survive all the world wars, competently adapting to the requirements that dictated by difficult times. In the 60s, Hitachi took on a new breath and headed for high technology. An established research center has led successful developments in the field of nanomechanical developments. After some time, the world was able to appreciate the first series of personal computers. Having taken a very successful pioneer position, Hitachi quickly gained momentum in popularity around the world. The network of official dealers and research centers expanded at a high speed, allowing us to expand the range of products offered and introduce new technologies into mass production.

The company's developers now subtly feel the motives inspired by time, and immediately introduce them into their products, which is why even Hitachi household power tools meet all the requirements of modern equipment

2900 09/06/2020