Cooling Crown with Neck Shade
This Cooling Crown is lightweight and very comfortable when in use. It can help to lower body temperature for several hours. It at..
Without tax: 7.26€
Cooling Helmet Sweatband
Designed to be attached to most hard hats and bump caps, the Cooling Helmet Sweatband helps to regulate body temperature in extrem..
Without tax: 8.50€
Cooling Neck Scarf
Lightweight, easy to use and ideal for use in hot working environments. The Cooling Neck Scarf instantly cools the wearer helping ..
Without tax: 4.79€
Cooling Shoulder Insert
Activated by simply submerging in water, the cooling shoulder insert reduces core temperature, while protecting the skin from sun ..
Without tax: 25.58€
Cooling Towel
Designed to cool your core in 3 easy steps. This multipurpose cooling towel provides hours of cooling relief for wearers enduring ..
Without tax: 4.13€
Elasticated Work Belt
Fully adjustable and fashionable, this belt is constructed with every day use and wear and tear in mind. It boasts a strong but ea..
Without tax: 4.28€
Hi-Vis Baseball Cap
Made from soft poly-cotton, the back of the HB10 has a metal adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit. The cap is sewn i..
Without tax: 8.50€
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