Disposable three-layer face masks (50 pcs.)

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Disposable three-layer face masks (50 pcs.)
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Before opening the package, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them.

After removing, spread the mask and cover your mouth and nose.

Fix the mask with elastic bands behind the ears for a secure fit to the face.

Make sure the mask covers your mouth and nose completely.

After using the mask, throw it into the trash bin with a lid.

The maximum time for using one mask is 4 hours.

In a box - 50 pcs.

Size of one mask: 17.5 x 9.5 x 0.1 cm.

Important information:

Since the mask is disposable, do not use it where it is very dusty or where there are toxic gases.

If you notice an unpleasant odor, stop using the mask.

The product is disposable and cannot be reused. DO NOT WASH AND DO NOT WASH!

ATTENTION! Do not reuse the mask. Re-wearing the mask itself will encourage the growth of odor-causing bacteria and the spread of infection.


Wash your hands thoroughly before using the mask on your mouth and nose.

When wearing the mask, it is recommended not to touch it with your hands.

If the mask is wet or damp, replace the mask with a new one.

When removing the mask, touch only the rubber bands for the ears.

Before disposal, fold the mask and discard it in a container with a lid.

The mask gets dirty after use, so you need to make sure you drop the mask into the correct container.

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