Banded Ear Plug (20 pairs)
Banded ear plugs, light and comfortable. Ideal for intermittent use. Soft disposable PU plugs. Replacement plugs available. Easy t..
Without tax: 1.26€
Bell Comfort PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs)
Ultra soft PU foam ear plugs. The special bell shape allows customised comfort wear. Each pair comes inside a hygienic polybag wit..
Without tax: 35.04€
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Corded PU Foam Ear Plug
Corded PU Foam Ear Plug
Disposable PU ear plug. The tapered shape ensures a comfortable fit inside the ear canal. Corded for extra comfort and easy storag..
Without tax: 0.25€
Detectable Corded PU Ear Plug
Detectable disposable ear plug. Comfortable fit thanks to the soft PU foam material. Corded for increased safety and visibility in..
Without tax: 73.20€
Detectable TPR Corded Ear Plug (50 pairs)
Detectable and reusable ear plugs in TPR (thermo plastic rubber) material. The detectable feature is manufactured with an advanced..
Without tax: 43.84€
Ear Plug Dispenser (500 pairs)
Dispenser container with PU disposable plugs. One gentle turn delivers a pair of uncorded foam earplugs. It can be used on a horiz..
Without tax: 93.60€
Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack ( 500 pairs )
500 pairs of disposable PU foam ear plugs. Can be used to refill dispenser EP20. These soft ear plugs seal the ear canal with soft..
Without tax: 51.04€
PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs)
PU foam disposable ear plugs made with soft and durable foam. Easy to insert and remove. Excellent attenuation level and a comfort..
Without tax: 28.16€
Replacement Pods (50 pairs)
Soft foam replacement caps for use only with EP16.FeaturesCE-CAT IIIOne pair per hang cell (stored in hygienic polybag)StandardsEN..
Without tax: 11.36€
Reusable Corded TPR Ear Plug ( 50 pairs)
Reusable ear plugs. The TPR (thermo-plastic rubber) material moulds to the ear canal after a few minutes by reacting to the warmth..
Without tax: 0.68€
Многоразовые беруши на ободке 20шт
Многоразовые беруши на ободке 20шт, Многоразовые беруши на ободке 20шт, 22.31€, EP15, PORTWEST,, PORTWEST,..
Without tax: 22.31€
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