Latex gloves

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Duo-Flex Glove
Duo-Flex Glove
The 'Duo-flex' combines some advanced dipping techniques which allow this glove to be double dipped in crucial wear areas. Increas..
Without tax: 1.73€
Duo-Therm Glove
The A185 uses the latest techniques to produce an excellent and durable glove. An extra layer of wrinkled latex is added to the 'h..
Without tax: 2.61€
Flex Grip Latex Glove
Designed using a seamless knitted liner, with a waterproof latex coated palm, this glove promotes a high level of comfort, flexibi..
Without tax: 1.02€
LR Latex Grip Glove
Durable liner made from para-aramid protects against cuts and abrasion. Crinkle latex coating for secure grip in wet and dry condi..
Without tax: 6.90€
Aramid HR Cut Latex Gloves
The preferred glove for use in the glass industry. The durable aramid liner offers excellent abrasion resistance and EN388:2016 cu..
Without tax: 5.23€
Classic Grip Glove - Latex
The Classic Grip Glove offers the necessary hand protection with both comfort and grip at an affordable price. Features C..
Without tax: 1.04€
Cold Grip Glove
Specially designed for use in cold conditions. The crinkled latex finish offers excellent grip and the warm acrylic 7 gauge liner ..
Without tax: 3.55€
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Double Dipped Latex Gauntlet
Double Dipped Latex Gauntlet
Double dipped latex gauntlet with anti slip pattern for good grip in wet and dry conditions. Ideal for the chemical industry, food..
Without tax: 1.58€
Grip Glove - Latex
Premium quality latex palm dipped 10 gauge glove which provides good tear and abrasion resistance, for secure handling in both wet..
Without tax: 1.51€
Grip Xtra Glove
The A105 features a 10 gauge liner for increased dexterity with a premium latex dipping. 3/4 latex coverage provides increased pro..
Without tax: 1.84€
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Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet
Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet
Designed for outstanding protection and excellent abrasion resistance, the Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet is available in two o..
Without tax: 11.36€
Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet 600mm
Designed for outstanding protection and excellent abrasion resistance, the Heavyweight Latex Rubber Gauntlet is available in two o..
Without tax: 13.40€
Hi-Vis Grip Glove - Latex
Using the latest Latex Foam technology, the A340 offers the highest level of comfort with excellent grip in wet and dry environmen..
Without tax: 1.62€
Household Latex Gloves
Used for a multitude of household and workplace tasks. Features a flock lining and beaded cuff for easy donning and a fishscale pa..
Without tax: 0.82€
Latex Open Back Crinkle Glove
Ideal for light handling requirements. Knitwrist for secure fit and open back for ventilation. Latex dipped for grip. Features ..
Without tax: 1.53€
Thermal Grip Glove - Latex
The Thermal Grip Glove is perfect for construction, transportation, refuse collection, maintenance and local authority work. This ..
Without tax: 2.81€
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