Nitrile gloves

CT AHR Nitrile Foam gloves
Designed to achieve maximum Cut Level F protection, the CT67 is constructed using state-of-the-art techniques ensuring it is free ..
Without tax: 12.16€
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CT AHR+ Nitrile Foam gloves
CT AHR+ Nitrile Foam gloves
Constructed using premium materials and techniques the CT69 offers the highest level of cut protection, Cut Level F. Ideal for sen..
Without tax: 17.92€
CT HR Nitrile Foam gloves
The premium CT45 cut resistant glove offers exceptional cut level D protection without the use of glass or steel fibres. Coated wi..
Without tax: 9.76€
CT MR Micro Foam Nitrile
This 18 gauge breathable seamless liner glove offers outstanding dexterity, comfort and cut level C protection. The micro nitrile ..
Without tax: 11.44€
CT VHR Nitrile Foam gloves
Free from glass or steel fibres, this premium cut resistant glove offers exceptional Cut Level E protection. The nitrile foam coat..
Without tax: 12.00€
Cut 3 Nitrile Grip Glove
Seamless 10 gauge lining made from para-aramid, with Nitrile palm coating guarantees enhanced cut resistance and excellent grip. I..
Without tax: 6.60€
All-Flex Grip Glove
The "All-Flex" super-light glove addresses the need in the marketplace for an ergonomically designed glove providing greater comfo..
Without tax: 1.29€
Arctic Winter Glove
The latest development in hand protection. Twin liner traps in heat. A 3/4 micro foam nitrile dipping offers full protection to th..
Without tax: 4.54€
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Cut 3/4 Nitrile Foam Glove
Cut 3/4 Nitrile Foam Glove
Supreme cut resistance combined with superb grip in oily conditions. 3/4 nitrile foam dipping absorbs oil keeping hands clean and ..
Without tax: 6.96€
DermiFlex Glove
Super light 15g nylon and elastane liner dipped with soft nitrile foam and PU for the ultimate in comfort, dexterity and sensitivi..
Without tax: 2.56€
DermiFlex Plus Glove
Dotted palm for enhanced grip and added palm protection. Breathable seamless lining ideal for precision handling in dry environmen..
Without tax: 2.89€
DermiFlex Ultra Glove
¾ coated glove for added protection to the back of the hand. Seamless breathable knitted liner for comfort and dexterity. ..
Without tax: 2.77€
DermiFlex Ultra Plus Glove
The A353 is an enhanced addition to the DermiFlex range. 3/4's are dipped with nitrile foam which gives more protection while main..
Without tax: 3.05€
DermiFlex Ultra Pro Glove - PU/Nitrile Foam
Exceptional grip in wet and oily conditions. This fully dipped glove has a seamless breathable liner for comfort and dexterity.Fea..
Without tax: 2.71€
Dexti-Grip Glove
For precise operations requiring maximum dexterity. Dexti-Grip is the number one choice for general assembly work and precision pa..
Without tax: 0.99€
Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove
The nitrile coating on the Flexo Grip Glove gives enhanced abrasion resistance. Ideal for auto repair, construction and other sect..
Without tax: 0.78€
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