Winter gloves

Duo-Therm Glove
The A185 uses the latest techniques to produce an excellent and durable glove. An extra layer of wrinkled latex is added to the 'h..
Without tax: 2.61€
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Fingerless Knit Insulatex Glove
Fingerless Knit Insulatex Glove
This fingerless style gives great dexterity. The acrylic knit outer is hardwearing whilst the soft inner Insulatex lining gives ad..
Without tax: 5.44€
Fleece Glove
This classically styled fleece glove has a sumptuous fleece quality and great warmth to weight ratio. The gripper pads to the palm..
Without tax: 4.64€
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Fleece Glove Insulatex Lined
Fleece Glove Insulatex Lined
Luxurious feel fleece glove with a Insulatex lining. It gives great warmth and protection and the low bulk allows good dexterity. ..
Without tax: 6.96€
Knit Glove Insulatex Lined
Essential outdoor winter wear. The acrylic knit outer is hardwearing whilst the soft inner Insulatex lining gives additional warmt..
Without tax: 5.44€
Touchscreen Knit Glove
This style gives great dexterity. The black acrylic knit outer is hardwearing whilst the grey acrylic with metalic component allow..
Without tax: 5.44€
Weatherproof Hi - Vis Glove
Designed for use in the most demanding conditions. Insulated liner and knitwrist keeps hands warm and dry. Tough double dipped PVC..
Without tax: 5.20€
Antarctica Insulatex Glove
Premium quality cow grain leather knitwrist glove with Insulatex lining for enhanced warmth. Suitable for coldstore applications. ..
Without tax: 10.07€
Arctic Winter Glove
The latest development in hand protection. Twin liner traps in heat. A 3/4 micro foam nitrile dipping offers full protection to th..
Without tax: 4.54€
Cold Grip Glove
Specially designed for use in cold conditions. The crinkled latex finish offers excellent grip and the warm acrylic 7 gauge liner ..
Without tax: 3.55€
Fleece Lined Rigger Glove Red
Insulated leather rigger with fleece lining for added warmth when working in cold environments. Features CE certified S..
Without tax: 4.29€
Thermal Grip Glove - Latex
The Thermal Grip Glove is perfect for construction, transportation, refuse collection, maintenance and local authority work. This ..
Without tax: 2.81€
Thermal Liner
13g thermal knitted liner suitable for use in cold conditions. Elasticated wrist for secure fit and comfort. Coral gaps in the fib..
Without tax: 2.64€
Thermal Soft Grip Glove
Great for cold environments, this style is dipped with foamed latex offering extreme breathability, soft to the touch and provides..
Without tax: 2.81€
Перчатки Thermolite Polka Dot Glove
Идеальны для использования в холодных, сухих условиях. Мягкая, теплая подкладка для тепла и комфорта. ПВХ точки для максимального ..
Without tax: 2.39€
Siberia Cold Store Glove
Specially designed for use in cold store environments when handling dry objects. 100% waterproof with Insulatex lining for warmth...
Without tax: 13.20€
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